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TeamTime Table Talks / New Series

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Episode 1 - Introducing Work at the Team and Setting up Well

My new Series 2 TeamTime Podcast is now live!

I’m a big believer in community - for belonging, connection and support - which has been particularly important during such unsettled times. My community has helped as I've explored the purpose in my work with leaders - to be more human, hopeful and helpful.

It's taken me a while to figure out my community aren't just in buildings, or even those necessarily near me, but through a wide network of connections - in person and virtually. Indeed you reading this now.

It's in the spirit of community I dedicate my second series of my podcast, TeamTime. This series is aimed at practitioners and leaders to support the inevitable work in many teams just now, as you create and adjust to new norms, and create value in new ways. A new episode will air each Tuesday with me interviewing a wonderful set of guests who shares their experience of working with teams, and offer you some practical tips for work in your team.

Community and sharing learning both orient and energise me. I hope this series is a useful resource to those that work with teams. And as ever, thanks for your support! I appreciate it.

Have a listen to the first episode here. Please subscribe to TeamTime on your favourite Podcast provider and let me know if you've any feedback either through the website or you can email Debbie directly on


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