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TeamTime Table Talks / S2|E4

Released 25th May 2021

Expanding Autonomy to Thrive in Uncertain Times

In this episode of TeamTime Table Talks, Debbie Wayth talks with Trudi West, Professor of Practice in Leadership and Psychology at Hult Ashridge, part of the Hult International Business School,, to explore her work with leaders and teams, and how we can best support our teams to shift from surviving to thriving.

During a period where many were of us were working from home as part of the lockdown restrictions, we talk about the importance of the lost ‘transitional’ space between work and home, as well as learn from Trudi’s research into the key capabilities essential in high-performing teams. We ask, if humanity is the mortar in organisations and teams, how strong is yours?

To listen to this episode click here. Series available on all major podsites.


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