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TeamTime Table Talks / S2|E6

Bringing a Strategic Focus to Work in Teams

Released 8 June 2021

In this episode of TeamTime Table Talks, your host Debbie Wayth talks with practitioner Stefan Cousquer about strategy work in teams. Stefan shares his reflection that most of the issues related to strategy conversations are about relationships with very human issues like power and trust.

Stefan shares his experience and talks us through one of the models he uses to help teams develop a shared language and understanding that not only identifies future options but also the important plays and capabilities to bridge the present and the future.

This isn’t lofty, idealist work but conversations rooted in the real world, that make a difference to how we view the world and the role of team and our organisations in it. How do your team shape up in your strategy conversations?

To listen to our conversation click here. Series available on all major pod sites.


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