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TeamTime Table Talks / S2|E8

How Neuroscience shapes our Behaviour

Released 22 June 2021

In this episode neuroscience-practitioner Tibisay Vera shares how neuroscience is important for leaders and in teams to understand, particularly when facing change or uncertainty.

Our biochemical reactions are both shaped by our thinking and shape how we think, and behave, through neuroplasticity. Whilst most will be familiar with periods of high stress, we talk about the importance of recovery periods, and the trouble with low-level stress.

Tibisay encourages us to purposely form habits for healthy neurbiology, and shares tips on how to do this - from movement, opening windows and exercise. She introduces us to the concept of 'neurococktails' and the importance of our biochemistry matching the nature of the task. What we need for detailed planning in terms of biochemistry and brain wave state is pretty different than when we need new insights or an openness to change. What neurococktail mix do you need?

To listen to our conversation click here . Available on all major pod sites.

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