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TeamTime Table Talks / S2|E9

Mindfulness in Teams

Released 29 June 2021

In this episode Debbie speaks with master practitioner in mindfulness Michael Chaskalson - a pioneer in bringing mindfulness to leadership and organisations.

Michael explains what mindfulness is - both at an individual and team level - and the benefits to us of paying attention to the quality of our attention and intention in the moment, particularly at times of uncertainty. We explore whether there is a team mind, and what it feels like when team's are at 'flow', when the quality of their noticing of how they are together heightens their ability for psychological safety, innovation and connection.

Michael embodies a spirit of non-judgment, curiosity and acceptance, a mindful way in the world that is both appealing and revealing. Thank you Michael for a great conversation.

To listen to our conversation click here. Series available on all major pod sites.

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