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Facilitating Complex Conversations

At FutureU we recognise that there are some conversations that are just more complex than others to have.  Whether because of past conflict, stuck relationships, differing views or sensitive terrain.  Some conversations are felt, perceived or feared to be more difficult.  With the mindset that these conversation will be ‘difficult’ they are often delayed, if not avoided entirely, with repercussions for relationships and how people experience the relationship, the team or even the workplace.


In our experience the conversations that are we perceive or feel as harder often contain something really important – to be heard, to be said, to be felt – and through having the conversation often allow the team, group or relationship to move forward with renewed momentum.  We prefer the approach that the conversation may be complex, for whatever reason, but it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.  We can learn how to have complex conversations better – both as individuals, and as teams.


We have experience in supporting both individuals to prepare for complex conversations, and supporting teams to have complex conversations.  Whether it relates to conflict, inclusive leadership, social justice, race and gender equity, shared accountabilities, decision-making, ways of working, speaking truth to power – the list goes on – we bring our experience, relational ways of working alongside you to support shifting the dynamic to a better place.


If you are interested in discussing a complex conversation that you need to have, please get in touch here, or email to discuss options for support.

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