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FutureU supports in tact teams as they 'rise to thrive', which for us means delivering not only on performance targets but on purpose, passion, community and care.  
Focusing on the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ as well as the ‘Who’.   This work supports teams people want to be a part of, who take pride in what others achieve in the team, and share in each other’s success.

Work at the team level is customised to meet the needs of your team.  Whether in the form of 1:1 coaching for team members, a focussed programme of conversations or events.  The process frame and intervention choices are driven by the nature of the work, needs of the team and the outcomes hoped for.

A typical team process will cover three phases:

  • Setting up Well - getting the basics right to bear curiosity and challenge

  • Discovery and Challenge - navigating what’s going to make a difference to your team

  • Sustainable Impact - Embedding learnings and practices for continued impact in your team whether in relationships, collective thinking or performance.


Each of these phases play a critical role in supporting the team to experience themselves as a team, and to enable the team to reach their potential.

We design the appropriate process in close partnership with you, our client, and the team involved.  We’ve learnt over the years to be really clear that the ownership of the work sits in the team, and our role is in helping the team discover the work that will make the difference and enable focus on conversations that matter that build toward transformative learning.

To enquire about a process that might suit the development of your team, please get in touch with Debbie here

or email for a confidential discussion.


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