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Gareth, Director of Operations, UK

I was at a point of significant career change and I looking for some help in navigating that shift.  Coaching felt right because I was not sure exactly how my new job would feel and I wanted to have support that was responsive and immediate.  Through the conversations I have had with you, I have been able to keep a focus on some of the larger challenges that have run over months, whilst also being able to work through shorter-term blockers.

I have definitely become more adept at gaining a healthier perspective on challenges by de-personalising them and focusing on what is actually required in any given situation.  This has provided a clarity of thought and action that has made me a more decisive but considered leader.

There have been a few real 'lightbulb' moments.  When dealing with some really tricky personnel and organisational issues, I had not realised how much I was immersed in the detail and how this was actually inhibiting my ability to make effective decisions.  You helped me to take a broader perspective and to focus on the things that really mattered, giving me a clarity I was struggling to gain by myself.  I have also really appreciated your ability to range widely through different ideas and techniques to find the approach that resonates most with me - you have not pushed an agenda, but rather opened up different possibilities.

You are genuinely curious and caring, with an intuitive understanding of when to leave a space for me to grow into - holding a silence for me - and when I might need a clearer steer or set of prompts to help me make progress.


I always feel like you are interested in me, that you want to understand who I really am as a person - what motivates me, what scares me - without judgement so you can help me to realise my potential.  There is no clock-watching, no sense of being handled - all of our sessions have been based on excellent conversations that have developed and evolved.  

Isabell, VP, FMCG, Europe

I benefitted significantly from my coaching with Debbie – both, professionally but also personally.  Debbie uses a great mixture and sound balance of tools, papers, own experience and coaching techniques to guide me through a tough season of change, a promotion and massive transition of my team/region.

Debbie’s ability to balance between asking, telling and challenging has allowed me to further develop my skill set, has lead to impactful reflection on business decisions and has supported my judgement in times of complexity, to stay focused on what really matters. She has played a strong role in supporting me to bring the business to the next level, to re-establish growth despite change and at the same time settle strongly in my new leadership role.  Its been a delight to work with Debbie, as I find her to be looking at me in a holistic way and  thereby having a genuine interest in my growth and success while offering a very pragmatic yet professional approach.

Robbie, UK Civil Servant

Debbie is an exceptional facilitator who creates a safe but challenging learning environment. She is adept at knowing when to intervene and when to step back into the background and allow learners to explore independently.

I was consistently impressed with her ability to blend theoretical principles with practical application, and shift the curriculum seamlessly to suit the groups needs. She built rapport and trust quickly with a very diverse group and in doing so enabled a number of challenging learning exercises that took people to the limit of their abilities while still feeling safe. Her passion, compassion and professionalism shone through every day.

Howard, Ops Management, UK

Debbie helped me develop new lenses through which to see the world around me.  

She helped me tackle difficult relationships that were distracting my focus and to grow as an individual as well as a business leader and I am hugely grateful!  I feel like your words of wisdom will always be with me!

Jean, Director of Women's Ministry, Houston, Texas, US

Debbie is a joy to work with.  From the very beginning she took time and attention to understand the crux of our issues we were facing.  Debbie is a fabulous communicator and investigator.  She was able to pick up themes and questions that I would have missed. Also Debbie was keenly aware of how change in women’s ministry could effect change church-wide and because of that came up with plans to accommodate.  Having never gone through a process like this before, she was able to communicate clearly the steps we needed to take and educated us all in Open Space Technology.

Debbie not only helped us plan our Open Space event, she facilitated it beautifully.  Debbie’s strengths are communication, encouragement, organisation and listening.  She has a way with words that draws everyone in and makes them want to be part of something.  Debbie’s attention to detail and the needs of the group really allowed our Open Space event to be a true success.  Our vision was to stretch, strengthen and secure our ministry area and because of Debbie’s expertise we have done just that.

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