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My passion is helping organisations become more human, hopeful and helpful.

I have worked in corporate organisations and with public and third sector organisations over a 25 year career and strongly believe we need more than ever to retain the foundations of humanity in how we work, and create value.  
The line between who we are professionally and who we are personally is often blurred, and indeed we benefit as leaders when we are more of who we really are. We learn through the messier times and transition in our lives, and I work with you as you find your way through important questions, challenges and transitions around leadership and life as a leader and in your team.

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My approach is at its heart relational, holistic and human. But don’t be fooled that this is the soft stuff. I bring years of business experience to my work having been responsible for P&L and large teams with the heady mix of pragmatism and reflection, humour and candour, challenge and support.  I work firmly in the reality of your context – individually and organisationally - and use a range of techniques to work in a way best suited to you, or the team involved.

I bring my ethos to life through work with individuals and with teams as they shift to find their way through the 'disclarity' to find their ‘flow’, as they tackle complex questions and challenges.

Community and connection is important to me. We all have a human need to belong, and a responsibility to contribute to our communities. The TeamTime podcast series is a resource to my fellow practitioner community and leaders in the spirit of being more human, hopeful and helpful.

My approach is both dialogic and informed by systems thinking.  I work to unleash the potential of your or your team, through a focus on quality of generative conversations, and by understanding how your part of the organisation exists and serves a wider set of stakeholders and system. 

I am a mum with two young children who remind me what’s important in life - both in the present of today, and in planning for our future.  


I have worked with executive teams and individuals in the corporate, public, private equity and social enterprise sectors. My clients have been varied including in FMCG, finance, marketing, aviation, energy, the service sector and the UK Civil Service.  
Recent clients have included:
  • A newly formed senior leadership team working to build trust, explore common purpose and accountabilities as a team. This work evolved into building competence and capability at the top team level to support wider organisational empowerment and distributed decision-making
  • A senior leadership team of an organisation that had yet to fully integrate following a merger a couple of years prior. The team had low levels of trust, unclear shared purpose and divergent views on the future.  This team coaching work focussed on going back to basics to identify what was common between them to identify shared purpose and priorities to bring direction and relieve pressure on the wider organisation.
  • C-suite and senior leaders working on issues including confidence, presence, impact and influence, as well as many as they broaden careers or extend influence beyond organisational boundaries.
Debbie has a first-class undergraduate degree in Law and Management from The Robert Gordon University as well as an MSc from Ashridge in Organisational Consulting graduating with distinction.  She is a trained and experienced coach and is accredited to use a number of psychometrics, including TotalSDI, Human Insights AEM and 360o feedback.


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