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For individuals we offer both one-to-one executive coaching and facilitated small group Peer Learning Circles.  

One-to-One Coaching
1:1 Coaching is often best suited for when you’re working through a particular challenge or transition that you would benefit from some individual support as you practice and reflect on what is stuck or challenging, as well as what makes the difference to move things forward.
For one-to-one executive coaching, I work to support clients with challenges related to:
  • Self-awareness and identity in who you are as a leader, at work and at home
  • Impact and influence in your role, whether with your team, or as you look upward or outwards to peers or externally 
  • Stuck patterns in behaviour and relationships that are impacting your progress, health or happiness at work
  • Clarifying who you are as a leader, often very helpful as you step in to that next layer of senior leadership and find that what got you here may not sustain you here.
  • Unpicking confusing or unhealthy work relationships to better understand your role and options
  • Valuing difference - in ourselves and others.
This work can be done face-to-face or virtually and usually involves 4-6 sessions over a period of 6-9 months.
My approach is to support and challenge you as you unpack the issues related to your challenge and to use our relationship as access to information that helps better understand you and others experience of you.  I will hold the mirror up for you to experience yourself, and to find ways to practice with difference.  
We will use a variety of techniques to help bring awareness of your patterns through, for example, focus on language (verbal and body), and safe-to-fail experiments, whilst working toward your coaching expectations.  All with candour, humility, humour and supportive challenge.
For a free virtual chemistry please inquire here.
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Peer Learning Circles

Peer Learning Circles work well for those that are working through complex situations where pulling on a wide range of experience from leaders of a similar level is beneficial.

Each Peer Learning Circle will have 4-6 senior senior leaders who are interested in exploring their challenges related to change and transition, as well as committed to supporting other members of the group in this process.  The commonality will be in your role as leaders working with change, and we will draw from diverse sectors, locations and backgrounds to maximise breadth of experience, ideas and support. 

Before joining, we speak with each participant to discuss your hopes, and to make sure this is the right programme for you, as well as to assure commitment to mutual support. 

Programmes can also be customised for an organisation to support change or transformation within the organisation. 

For more information on Peer learning circles please enquire here.


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