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Team development can take many forms, from discrete support for complex conversations, to individual coaching or facilitation for leadership events through to more complex and longer processes that offer development for multiple aspects of your team. The process for your team will be co-created with you taking in to account the needs of your team.


A typical team process will cover three phases:

  • Setting up Well

  • Discovery and Challenge 

  • Sustainable Impact


A longer process may involve a series of team workshops or events, with focus on what happens between sessions as much as what happens in them, and always remainly firmly working in your context and on matters that you have deemed priority.  A longer process may also involve coaching for individuals, in support of the development of the team, and for the leader of the team. 

In work supporting teams to develop, the ‘how’ is often more important than the ‘what’, and we offer a variety of techniques and processes to best support what your team need to focus on whether in support of relationships & wellbeing, thinking and being, and purpose and performance.  Wherever you’re starting from or what you’re focussing on we’ll work with you to design a process to build across these three areas for a team that unleashes its potential.  This work can be done in person or, large parts, also virtually. 


What does this mean in practice?  We know that a sense of shared endeavour is important in teams and we may design a shared encounter that allows a team to experience themselves in a way that they notice their own pattern, dynamic and preferences.  We may work outdoors to draw on the parallels that nature offers us in growth, loss and renewal.  We will use techniques that bring us to the present, as well as allowing us to focus on the role of creating value in the future, such as through horizon-planning and recognising the interdependencies and wider context through systems mapping.


If you are interested in discussing support for your team, please get in touch here, or email on to discuss options for support.

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