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TeamTime Table Talks / S2|E2

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Work at the Team Level and the Role of the Facilitator

Released 11 May 2021

Super excited to release the second episode of my new podcast series TeamTime Table Talks, this time exploring with fellow practitioner, Howard Atkins, his work at the team level, and the many hats of the facilitator. Howard shares his vast experience of OD and leadership to bring insight to what makes a ‘healthy’ team - with the ultimate aim of more effective and enjoyable teams - and how this has been impacted by more virtual working.

His challenge to us all is to be 10% braver in our teams. What would this look like for you?

In support of this new series, I’m also launching a new FREE team clinic each week, to run for the duration of the new series. The clinics are aimed at supporting those working with or leading teams, and bring an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the work, the process and your role and hopefully provoke some ideas, new thinking or models to try out. If you’re interested in joining one of the clinics then check out the offer on book a free session.

Thanks for your time Howard Atkins! Such an interesting conversation with great learning for all of us working with teams.

Committed to supporting more human, hopeful and helpful organisations.

You can listen to the episode here. Subscribe on your favourite podcast site to stay up with the latest episodes!

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