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Michael Chaskalson & Megan Reitz for free guided mindfulness meditations

The Happiness Study

Led by Professor Bob Waldinger at Harvard Medical School, the longest running study in to the predictors of health and happiness. See Bob’s TedTalk here.

Racial Inequality


Brene Brown podcast ‘Unlocking Us’, episode on ‘Shame and Accountability


John Amaechi –


Ruchika Tulshyan –


Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge’m_No_Longer_Talking_to_White_People_About_Race

Understanding Unconscious Bias


Project Implicit, Harvard


Podcast with Dr Pragya Agarwal


Diversity & Inclusion in Organisations 


Harvard Business Review, 2016


McKinsey Report, 2019, Women in the Workplace

Complex Conversations


Paired Listening Exercise



Frame for Complex Conversations

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