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What does equity in the workplace mean today?

First published on LinkedIn in February 2023

Embracing Equity is this year’s IWD theme, and it’s got me thinking... what does equity in the workplace mean today?

I’ve been working in leadership development for many years, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging have rightly become a focus in organisations, more than ever before. But it can also feel a slow journey, with bumps, crossroads and learnings along the way.  Social progress is often incremental, but it can also take a leap (remember when we thought working from home wouldn’t work for most…) Isn’t it time we took a leap in equity?

As we lead up to IWD 2023 on 8th March what would acts of equity look like?

- Could we be in different conversations about what equity means, and how it’s demonstrated in our respective organisations?

- Could it be reflecting on the assumptions, roles and behaviours we make in our home lives? 

- Could it be actively learning from others who are farther ahead?

With two weeks to the day until 8th March ...

As an act of equity and support for IWD 2023: Let’s share the good practice, the learnings and the successes (as well as the photos) and pass on the experience so that we progress not one organisation at a time, but in our society.

In case it helps, here are some questions on my mind...

- How do we know what’s important to women in our organisation in terms of equity?

- How do we measure what equity means in our workplace, and what does this mean at the intersections of other important characteristics (race, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic, marital / partner status, children status et al)

- How do our policies and practices acknowledge the differing needs of women, both at the intersections and through life-stages?

- What could be our organisational ‘leap’ in progress?

I’d LOVE to hear how you get on, and where your organisation is making progress in the space of equity at the intersections - I’ll open up a post on 8th March 2023 to share what I’ve learned in the next two weeks and hope to hear your ideas and suggestions in the meantime. 

For me, on IWD, my act will be to host a conversation with some leading thinkers in this space. Our panel will include Loraine Martins OBE FRSA (she/her) and Tim Pointer and we aim to bring focus and nuance, as well as offer insight and application for leaders and organisations committed to bringing EDI to life in meaningful ways. If you want to join us, details for the free webinar are in the link below.


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